&&&& (2012)

Les Subsistances in Lyon France has invited Andros to create a piece on the music of American composer David Lang (b. 1957) for their festival Aire de Jeu. The piece he has chosen, Face So Pale (1992, 9’) is a piece for six pianos using a basic tremolo progression. Mixing live and playback piano, Face So Pale repeats three times using one piano part, three, and finally all six parts. This is intended to mirror the structure of the choreography which investigates accumulation and feedback systems.

“I was curious how it was that accumulation of the same, changed a thing’s essential content. So the relationship between quantity and quality or property- we see this in all feedback systems- from a microphone and a speaker, to stampede crowds, to behaviors of the market- accumulation and interaction of the same, doesn’t just become ‘more’, but changes the thing itself. I was curious how a feedback system between bodies would work then.”