The Kansas City Shuffle (2007) Sandy Williams

The Kansas City Shuffle is an audience participation project geared towards festival environments. It targets the social spaces unspoken for by the programmation of the festival and aims to activate them with suspicion, intrigue, conspiracy and collusion. Following the traditional narratives of confidence scams and spy thrillers participants can be initiated into the game by, for example; being passed a secret note, by receiving an anonymous SMS or by a covert meeting in a dark corner. From that point on players become agents in a black market as they must arrange exchanges, assume new identities, set up surveillance and sustain interrogation.

The Kansas City Shuffle is not announced as a performance and works to only make itself visible to those that know it's there. It acts parasitically to the festival environment to which it is coupled, it uses the festival itself as its cover under which to work.

This performance is aimed at heightening and filling in the festival experience so that to the public, the festival becomes more than an occasion to see many performances in a short period of time. It increases social contact and highlights the community, economy and politics that manifest around the event.

Concept: Sandy Williams with: Loan Ha, Femke Gyselinck, Andros Zins-Browne
Supported by Vooruit (Gent) La Rafinerie (brussels) Tanz im August, Sommerbar (Berlin) Ex-Siri (Terni), STUK (Leuven) Funding: Canada Council of the Arts